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Prospect Student - Software for New Student Onboarding

Easy Workflow

Implement Easy Workflows

Prospect Student provides a straightforward workflow solution. Administrators are often pressed for time and unable to provide individual guidance to each student. With Prospect Student, you can establish workflows that lead students through clear and manageable steps. Customize your program to mimic a structured course or maintain flexibility to complement coursework without conflicts.

Seamless onboarding

Seamless onboarding

With so many new students each year, Students onboarding teams don’t have time to sift through student data to make ideal matches themselves. Prospect Student’ GeniusMatch® technology suggests the best matches based on your custom criteria. Soon after the registration, Students will see their own space in Platform where they can follow the progress in a transparent way.

Secure Student Information

Secure Student Information

Secure Student Information ensures the confidentiality and protection of sensitive student data within the student administration platform. This feature enables universities to comply with strict privacy regulations while customizing programs to align with coursework or accommodate flexible study schedules. With Secure Student Information, participant data is safeguarded in a private environment, allowing administrators to control access and information sharing.

Why Do You Need a Student Information System?

The Student Information System enables schools, colleges, and universities to efficiently record and organize student-related data, ensuring easy access and retrieval whenever required. This system offers numerous benefits to students, teachers, administrators, and parents alike. Here are some key advantages that the features of the student information system provide for your educational institution.


Benefits of Students

Student profile management

Students and their parents can view and manage student profiles in Prospect Student. This allows them to keep the information related to the student updated.

Student records viewing

Students can view their academic details all in a single place. This will include their attendance data, exam schedule, mark sheets, progress reports, homework, etc.

Information regarding academics

This includes their regular and exam timetable for online and offline classes and exams, announcements, schedules, etc.


Benefits for Parents

Streamlined Online Admission Procedure

Streamlined Online Admission Process for Schools, Colleges, and Universities. Parents and mature students alike can initiate admission inquiries through their accounts, seamlessly complete the application process, and submit necessary documents, ensuring a straightforward and accessible admission procedure. Subsequently, the educational institution can promptly confirm the admission status.

Easier fees payment

Parents are no longer required to make manual payments at schools or colleges. They can directly pay the pending fees online using the Prospect Student School Management Parent’s Portal.

Regular progress report updates

Parents can also stay informed about their child’s academic progress, access report cards, extracurricular achievements, and more directly through the Parent’s Portal.


Benefits for Teachers

Comprehensive Access to Student Information

Teachers will be equipped with comprehensive tools to manage student data effectively. This includes generating detailed reports, assigning tasks and homework, recording attendance, and overseeing various aspects of student performance and progress within the Prospect Student platform. Additionally, students will have the capability to conveniently mark their attendance online, ensuring seamless communication between educators and learners.

Streamlined management of students’ academic data

Teachers can conveniently update students' academic information directly from the Prospect Student platform.

Seamless communication

Students and parents can easily access their information without any inconvenience, ensuring they stay informed about attendance, grades, and progress reports.


Benefits for Administrators

Centralized database of all the student information

All the data related to students’ academics, fees, admission, and similar other information is stored in a centralized database that can be accessed on different devices using user ID and password.

Selected role-based access to data

Admins can choose to give information on a need-to-know basis so that only required student information is shared with the other account holder without disclosing other aspects.


Ready to Experience Our Future-Ready Onboarding and Administration platform?

Enhancing engagement and motivation throughout the applicant-to-student journey is key to fostering student success during their studies.

That's why effective student induction goes beyond a one-week activity; it's an integral part of a comprehensive onboarding process.

Leveraging our own student onboarding model, we've created Prospect Student, a tool designed to incentivize students to acquire new skills and forge meaningful connections throughout the application, induction, and course study phases.